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Solution for Repossession, Debt problems, Negative equity, Non Selling property.
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Sell My House Quicky Please

So how do I sell my house quickly?

Most property in the UK is taking months (if not longer) to sell at the moment. Home owners are suffering as they sit in their unsellable property month after month, often struggling to make mortgage payments and unable to move forward with their lives. Thousands of UK home owners are asking the question, “how do I sell my house quickly”?

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The main reason sellers are struggling to sell their house quick is that the banks are not lending to buyers. People are unable to get mortgages, and since buyers are unable to secure finance and actually buy, it means there are fewer buyers available to purchase. There’s a good chance you may have already experienced this. Have you had offers from buyers that have fallen through? Often this relates to the buyers being unable to get a mortgage to buy your property.

When you deal with Sell My House Quickly Please, you can avoid the usual road blocks that prevent most buyers from purchasing your home.

Sell My House Quickly Please have 3 powerful purchasing options that will allow you get your property sold with great results. Choose from one

1) A fast cash sale: get a fast cash sale for your property and move on. If you need to release your equity or cash from your property to free it up for your next property purchase, this is a quick and easy way to sell your property.

2) A higher sale amount; where you can achieve up to 110% above today’s market value. This sale often suits savvy landlords, investors, retirees and sellers who simply want more than they have been offered. If you have been trying unsuccessfully to sell your property for the amount you desire, possibly even enlisting the assistance of several estate agents, none of whom have delivered a sale, it might be time to try a different way of selling.

There is no point repeating the same system and expecting different results. Try a sale that is not reliant on sellers obtaining finance, and see how quickly you can get your property moving with us, and at a price you will love.

3) Or we pay your mortgage, where you simply transfer the responsibility of your property today. Many sellers owe more money that their property is worth. We have a time tested system that allows you to simply and legally transfer over the responsibility of your property and mortgage to us, and allows you to walk away from a property within as little as 1 hour. If your property has no cash or equity in it, or simply represents bad memories, and you want out fast, there is no quicker way to get rid of problem property.

Choose the sale option that suits your situation best and allows you to move on.

All 3 options can be delivered quickly and smoothly and are perfect for dealing with the effects of this Global Financial Crisis. The sale of your property no longer needs to be slowed down by the fact that buyers are unable to obtain finance. None of our purchasing methods rely on us or the
end buyer obtaining finance, so your property sale will move quickly and easily. We offer solutions that are unique and can deal with almost any slow selling problem property. With almost 4 million properties across the UK in negative equity right now (where you owe the bank more money that
your property is worth), we are still able to buy your property regardless of the situation and usually resulting in you walking away with a lot more money in your pocket.

Sell My House Quickly Please offers many benefits, so fill in the form to the right with your property details to see if you qualify for the following;

1. We pay your legal costs

2. We pay your moving costs and organise a removal truck

3. We may be able to give you some funds from the purchase price upfront before the sale is completed

4. We baby sit your mortgage until your property is sold

5. We cover your maintenance costs on the property until sale completes

6. We shout you dinner once the sale has completed

7. We can help you sell your property Fee Free if we don’t buy it

8. We may be able to pick up your other debt including credit cards with the purchase of your property

To see if you qualify for any or all of the above, please fill in the form to the right and we will contact you to discuss further.

Once, using estate agents was the only way to sell. Now the majority of time we find estate agents are unable to offer any solutions to a slow or non selling property other than to reduce the sale price. Unfortunately many sellers are unable to reduce their sale price to a level that most traditional
buyers can afford to buy at.

Times are changing. It is no longer possible to just put your property on the market and have it sold within weeks using estate agents like it was in pre 2007. As banks are not lending, we need to move and adapt to the times, and find other ways of getting your property sold related to the state of the
economy. If you are asking the question “how do I sell my house quickly in this slow moving property market”, we now have 3 solutions that will get you out of your house and into your desired future today!

Ask yourself, “Where do you see myself in 5 years?” If the first step of the answer begins with getting you out of your property, fill in the form to the right of this page and move closer to your 5 year goal.